Level 2, 1 Mona Vale Road
Mona Vale Sydney – NSW 2103


Our Physiotherapy program is an exciting and innovative new model for Physical Therapy.

Combining hands on therapy alongside best in class movement and biomechanical analyses, targeted corrective exercise programs and the pursuit of performance enhancement.

Our belief of how Physiotherapy care should be delivered to all our clients, is built on our A³ Physiotherapy Performance Program that will consistently deliver the best results for your injury recovery, ensuring you receive the world’s best treatment along with the correct recovery program at the right point, moving from Pain through to Performance.

We are focused on finding the cause and contributing factors to your injury

You will receive individual treatment, where we will get our hands on you and develop specifically targeted treatment plan for your injury recovery. We will identify all your movement issues that have led to your injury. Your Physiotherapy treatment will be focused on active healing, achieving correction of your muscle imbalances and correction of your compensatory movement dysfunction.

Treatment selection is based upon world’s best practice to control the inflammatory responses, to maintain movement and reduce pain. Your treatment and manual therapy will heal damaged tissues and will be aimed at maintaining your mobility so as your movement is not restricted.

Your corrective exercise program will be aggressively targeting your biomechanical inefficiencies geared to improve your performance.

We aim for you to return to your daily life and sporting pursuit at a superior level.

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